Wednesday, February 16, 2011


As I am new to blogging and do not really know what it is all about I am going to take this first post as an opportunity to introduce myself. My name I was in the W.Va. national guard I was a general construction engineer with in a combat engineer battalion. The position put me in the front lines working on barriers and such for offensive and defensive operations. It also had me doing things to contribute the the growth of Iraq. We built things such as hospitals and air fields, repaired roads and oil wells and even trained the ICDC. Upon returning from Iraq I left the military and went to college. There I obtained a Bachelor's degree in English and almost completed a second Bachelor's in Psychology. Unfortunately due to the current economic situation in America I am only able to obtain part time work, but as I am writing this I am waiting to go into an interview for a job in locksmithing. Aside from my professional life, or lack there-of, I love the outdoors. I have taken up several hobbies such as spelunking, rock climbing, white water rafting, and I am an avid treasure hunter and prospector. My prospecting trips have included: ruby and sapphire mining in North Carolina, Gold panning in Tennessee, and Diamond mining in Arkansas. While I have yet to strike it rich, I have found a fountain of fun and adventure. All the while learning a lot of new things I did not know before. I have met many really cool old timers on my trips who have shown me a few tricks of the trade and I have been slowly amassing a collection of gear for my trips. The biggest find I have had in my trips thus far has been 150 karats in sapphire and two small rubies from the mason mine in Franklin N.C. Perhaps one day I'll get rich doing this, but in the mean time the goal is not a whole lot more than to just have fun doing it.



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