Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Outdoors adventures: Seneca Rock

For those who do not want to take the time to go treasure hunting but would rather go out and sight see, I would highly suggest paying a visit to Seneca Rocks, West Virginia. Weather it is a day hike to the top, extreme rock climbing, or just a leisurely walk around the base while taking pictures. Seneca rocks has it all. The hike to the top will greet you with a breath taking view of the surrounding valley and along the way you will get a good dose of nature. As some one who has taken the walk to the top, countless times I can attest to the natural beauty of the area. There are wild blueberries growing along the trails and a good deal of wild life in the area. The rock climbing difficulty of this formation is not something that one can see in the east. The hike to the top is a bit strenuous so I recommend a slow pace to the top. Take your time and enjoy the scenery along the way.

Nearby smokehole caverns offers adventure of a more subterranean variety. The cavern offers beautiful rock formations to see in a guided tour. The cave has a board walk going through and the difficulty is rather minor. This place has been developed with family tours in mind. If memory serves me the gift store sells "dirt" for kids to screen for gem in a small flume outside. This is just semi-precious stones that are sold in the store, but it can be fun for kids to play in the dirt and "treasure hunt"

The nearby streams offer excellent fishing and there are extensive hiking trails through the surrounding mountains. There is something for every one of every age, so next time you find yourself thinking of where to take the family for a vacation, consider wild and wonderful West Virginia.


  1. Wow, you really have done your homework... you'd be good at writing tour guides and such. Hell, even a guide!

  2. Really nice post, that cage must be hundreds of years old.

  3. Awesome beauty. I live basically in the flat lands so views like these are hard to come by.

    Here's some trivia: Seneca is the name of an ancient Roman philosopher. We read some of his writings during Latin class (don't ask) in high school. Keep postin' good stuff and I'll keep comin' ;)


  4. I love the way rocks form! I could watch it all day... hahaha

  5. I remember going to Mammoth cave and seeing stuff like this