Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Big Trip

I know I posted about this idea earlier, but after some planing I have the approximate route I want to take. This will be a grueling trek across the country in some of the most extreame environments and remote areas. I will start out on the allegheny trail and head east to the Appalachian trail. From there I plan to head south as far as chattanooga TN, and jump onto the trail of tears. This leg of the journey will cover a tragic trail taken by the Cherokee nation after their defeat by the US government. After some time I plan to go off trail towards Jefferson city and jump onto the Santa Fe National Historic trail. This leg covers the route settlers took to Santa Fe. After that I will jump onto the Continental divide trail for the first time. I will head south nearly to the border then road walk to the Juan Bautista De Anza National Historical trail. After som time I will get onto the Pacific Crest scenic trail and head all the way up to crater lake and other scenic areas in the north. I will follow the footsteps of lewis and clark until I hit the Continetal divide trail for the second time. This time I will follow it north to the Glacial national park. After some time exploring around there I will then follow the trail back south hitting most major national parks on or near the trail. This will include the grand canyon, mesa verde and many more unique and interesting sites. After that I will get back onto the Santa Fe historic trail until I reach another section of the Lewis and Clark trail and follow it back up north to the North country Scenic trail. I will then follow that back to West Virginia.

Along the way I expect to face many challenges and hazards. I will meet new people and get in touch with nature. Most importantly I will find out if i have what it takes to backpack America...

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  1. I think you should take the Blue Ridge Parkway, starting in Va and ending in Cherokee NC. Then go into Tennesee